Sighting on 2020-06-22

Canoe 18RD0800
Date 2020-06-22
Found By Sara Forness
Notes My family and I were kayaking the Maple on Father's day and I saw this wonderful canoe -- I knew what it was as I have students in Riverwatch and teach science-- I was so excited! Thanks for sending this canoe our way, The flooding beached it high in some shrubs on the bank and I saw it just hanging. there. Im sorry your canoe didnt make it all the way to the ocean but we know the river still will, right?-- Just a little farther downstream my husband found one too, he was so jealous of mine it was all he looked for the rest of the trip. His student's basketball number was #37 and apparently this kid likes AC/DC and the Bison. He didnt put his name on the canoe, though, so maybe you can figure out whose it was! THanks again, Bradey. Sara, Brad and Joslin Forness


Photo - Sighting on 2020-06-22