Sighting on 2018-11-06

Canoe 18MIS003
Date 2018-11-06
Found By joel lovejoy
Notes Sadly the canoe must not have gone far. The river many years ago was rerouted by a major storm . The state of Minnesota and the DNR rerouted the the river back to its original course . However there is an oxbow in the river and it causes a serious log jam . After the storm of past the river was clogged by a similar log jam in the same spot. The state of Minnesota removed the log jam and redirected it back to its original course. The state government took a decade of wrangling to come up with the funds to do this. When the government functioned well. Unfortunately this is not the case now The log jam is back Full of debris from surrounding camp grounds, the city of Elba and the White Water State Park. The river is choked with decks from trailers or house tires, About fifteen blue 55 gallon drums peoples personal effects and what ever else was swept away during Elba's last flood. Its about a mile off of Minnesota 74 away from passer byes view but it is still there a huge blemish on a State treasure the White water River. I fear the state is incapable of fixing this as it has been neglecting The White Water Management area for some time I found the canoe almost the debris there is probably more canoes in the mess but that's the story of the canoe "The Lady Bird Johnson".