Sighting on 2021-10-22

Canoe 21RD0293
Date 2021-10-22
Found By Walleyeguy1961
Notes It was snagged on some brush, & while I was using my GREEN BAY PACKER colored CLUB FOOT JIG, I snagged it with my jig. Thought it was just a piece of scrap. But felt like a fish, the way I hooked it made the "canoe" flip & flop under water. Wouldn't you just know it, a Packer fan, using a Packer color jig, snagged and rescued a Viking Canoe!!!!!!!! 3 Sauger's and a "CANOE". Three "Sauger" getting filleted, eaten, & "Canoe" got cleaned and sealed, with boiled inedible linseed oil, {to increase its buoyancy}, and will be relaunched at the same spot I snagged it. Maybe this time it will make it all the way to Hudson Bay, Canada


Photo - Sighting on 2021-10-22