Code 23RD1147
Dream Life may throw us in a difficult situation just as how I imagined my canoe may go through. This canoe may bump, hit and get stuck somewhere on its way. Just like in life, we meet people and challenges while realizing our dreams along the way. But for sure, all of these circumstances shall pass. I hope this canoe shall keep moving/ pushing forward toward its journey. At the bottom of this canoe, I wrote the word in Alibata/ Baybayin, our ancient way of writing. This kind of writing might have forgotten but not its meaningful history, neither its past nor my past. I chose this word which means "Padayon" in my dialect or keep moving/ pushing forward in English. This, too, shall pass and have a successful journey just as how I live my life now and make my DREAMS happen. A person might find this along its journey. Thus, its journey might fail or be delayed. But it doesn't matter as long as I can relay my message. PADAYON! Let's all keep moving forward!
Launched With UND Project CuRRENT (2023)
Last seen on 2023-08-17
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