Code 23RD0766
Dream My canoe will start at Thief River falls MN and make it to a pond .On the way to the pond and see lots of fish.I hope my canoe will see a bear also. In the pond there will be a painted turtle on a log in the sun. In the pond there will be a beaver dam with 2 friendly beavers.My canoe's journey will be very exciting and long and in the pond the ducks are friendly and psycho. The journey will take 18 weeks to make it to the pond which is called edible beavers pond. The beavers' names will be Fred the girl and Bob the boy. They are married and live in a stick mansion. The turtles is best friends with Fred and her name is Tide her husbands name is pod they live on a 50 ft log that goes all the way across the pond my canoe is very exited to live with them.
Launched With Thief River Falls 5th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-07-04
Sightings 1