Code 23RD0596
Dream My canoe will make it all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I hope it sees an arctic fox and meets a bird. Along the way, my canoe's journey will be awesome. I will let my canoe out at the Maple River and it will go to Lake Winnipeg. It will then sail all across North America to get to the Gulf of Mexico. I hope it meets a walrus and a fish. After it goes to the Julf of Mexico I think it will get caught in a fishing net and meet a guy named Jack. I hope Jack helps my canoe by putting it back in the water. Then it will have another adventure. It will come all the way back to North Dakota and I will find it.
Launched With Central Cass 4th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-10
Sightings 1


Photo - 23RD0596