Code 23RD0488
Dream Me and Woold on Water have a dream to go all the way to Hudson Bay. I want it to pass through Fargo with giant pine trees. Shortly after, it will pass through Moorhead, the spud land with rows and rows of soybeans, across the muddy Bank, with turkeys filling every row. It would come into Grand Forks, then Clay and Norman. A catfish will come out of the mucky water to float across the surface. Through the choke cherry trees, finally the catfish sinks down to the bottom of the river. The canoe will pass a vole above the river. The canoe will pass a walleye, following the canoe to Winnipeg, and then on to Lake Winnipeg with jackrabbits bounding left and right. Later, on my canoe will smell a skunk, and ride on a great sturgeon, into the Nelson River. Finally, my canoe will see a group of seagulls and pelicans heading into Hudson bay with him.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-16


Photo - 23RD0488