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Dream My name is “When I’m Gone”, and I have dreams for what I will see on the Red River. My biggest dream is to get to Poland, and I think I’ll make it. I think that I’ll see pheasants right away; There are tons of them. Next I think I’ll see voles, little mice-like creatures that annoy me. Around Norman County, I think I’ll see some northern pike swimming underneath me. They also annoy me. They bump my boat so much! Around Grand Forks, I think I’ll see some wheat and chokecherry trees. I’ll see foxes just a bit farther on, then to Kittson County. My first city in Canada will be Emerson. Once I’m in Canada, I’ll pass into Winnipeg, then later I’ll be in Lake Winnipeg. Once I leave the lake, I’ll see some blue jays and catfish. Along the river, I think there’ll be more and more cottonwood trees. I’ll go through the Nelson River, and I’ll start seeing some walleye and polar bears. Even farther down in Hudson Bay, I’ll see beluga whales, right when I’m in Hudson Bay. From there I’ll swim into the Labrador Sea, then into the Atlantic Ocean, and then on to Poland! I’ll be just under the Arctic Circle, and I’ll get to Poland through the North Sea, Then I’ll drift onto a beach in the Baltic Sea. I’ll be in Poland after that, so I guess this is goodbye!
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-08-26
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