Code 23RD0480
Dream Dream of Emiliana My canoe’s name is Emiliana. I have so many dreams for her once she goes on her journey. I hope she will someday reach the Galapagos Islands by the flow of the Red River into the Pacific Ocean. I hope there will be smooth seas. Hopefully she will pass Oak Grove football field through all the mud. I hope Emiliana will go through Grand Forks, North Dakota and play with the little ducklings or pick up trash.When she gets to Marshall,Minnesota she will play in the rain on the way. In Winnipeg, Canada she will go and sun-tan in the river. She will pass Walsh, and Norman county through storms and get flipped over. She might even get a bite of some soy beans `. She will get investigated by a white-tailed deer, picked up by a baby duckling and used as a teddy bear, used to store garbage by a rat, and ride on the back of an otter. She might even ride with the leaves of the birch and maple trees. She will also swim with bass, cod, and walleye when she gets to the Nelson River. She might even babysit their kids. Her best adventure will be when she’s trying to not get picked up by any birds like a loon or a bald eagle. She will then get to Lake Winnipeg and stay there for a while just bobbing in the water. Then she will slide into Hudson Bay and play with polar bears and narwhals. She will go through the Fox Basins even though she won’t see many foxes in the middle of the water. She will then maneuver through The Islands. She will go down into the Pacific Ocean and swim with sharks and the waves will take her all the way down to the Galapagos Island. Emiliana will love it when she gets to the Galapagos and she will love to see the turtles and blue-footed-boobies.She will be an amazing sailor and an even more amazing friend to all the sea life.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-16


Photo - 23RD0480