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Dream My canoe's name is Swish Splash (SS) and in my journey I want to make it to the Hudson bay. To start, I will throw my boat in the Red River off the bridge, then, the first thing that it will see is an oak tree since we are by oak grove. Then, it will go from Fargo which is in Cass county to Moorhead and as it's going to moorhead. it will see sugar beets. After that, I hope it will see some ginormous mooses next to pine trees with bald eagles on them. Then as it's going through the counties of Polk and Grand Forks. It will see musky trying to eat northern pike. After that I hope it sees an apple tree with a vulture eating the rotten apples that fell off, and foxes looking for rats and mice to eat. Then a carp will carry the canoe in its mouth to the border. Then as my boat is crossing the US and Canadian border, I hope that in Winnipeg it will see a fox sneaking up on a wolf and then the fox learns its lesson. I hope as it goes through Lake Winnipeg and gets carried by a carp up to the Nelson River. I think that when it sees the trees like pine and apple an apple will fall on the boat. Then it's going to get caught by a bald eagle but then it gets dropped because the bald eagle doesnt think it's yummy. As it's dropped a muskey, a sturgeon, and a carp will fight over who gets to eat it. Then as it gets away I think a fox will pick it up and drop it in the middle of an elk and a moose and the elk and the moose will fight. Then in that moment a vulture will swoop in and drop it in the Nelson river and the boat will go the rest of the way unharmed but will see flowers, grass and other non-living things in the wild. Then it will go into the Hudson bay and get picked up by a tornado and never be seen again cuz it's in Africa.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-06-03
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