Code 23RD0474
Dream My name is Emojis and when my owner launches me I want to get to Hudson Bay and on my way I really want to pass Moorhead and Grand Forks. Down by Moorhead I hope to see a little fat robin sitting above a White tailed deer on a tree branch. After a while and passing by Clay County and Grand Forks County I hope to float past some sugar beets then some fish comes up to inspect me then a little muskrat squeaks, scaring the walleye away. Then as I go, the water color will slightly change and suddenly I will be in Winnipeg and Lake Winnipeg! There are so many oaks and maple trees along the bank. A little butterfly will stop and land along a flower then a channel catfish will jump from the water, chasing a northern pike. A beaver will surprise me when I pass Nelson River as a bluebird sings then I will make it to Hudson Bay!
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-16


Photo - 23RD0474