Code 23RD0469
Dream Hello, my canoe's name is Blinky. It will hopefully make it to the Atlantic Ocean. It's not far but anywhere farther than that is awesome. I don’t really want it to be found by someone because I want it to continue on its journey. I will toss it into the Red River by my school in Fargo and it will begin its journey. Starting out its journey right away it will be headed right towards Moorhead and going into Clay County. Beginning its journey in Clay County, It will see many children and mice. My canoe will see the rats crawl into small pipes and holes. Blinky will see the sugar beets which are going to be extra big. Blinky will have a smooth journey out of that county especially with soft cottonwood and beautiful ducks. Blinky then will continue through Grand Forks County and have a nice view of Oak trees. Blinky will also see some deer eating grass on the bank of the river. It will be one of those days where the water will be like a mirror. At the sunset the sky will start to become orange and Blinky will start to freak out. Then she will go to sleep and wake up in Lake Winnipeg. Lake Winnipeg will have even more deer along the river and see all different kinds of trees. Blinky will pass by the garbage, once it is out of sight a raccoon will pop out. Just minutes later she will see many otters swimming through the lush waters and flipping around. Just then northern pike will show up and the otters will be way back far away. Blinky will then fall asleep right next to maple trees. In just a couple of hours she will be in the Nelson River and sees that the otters are back and then falls asleep again.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-16