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Dream And then all the sudden I can see the sign that says we're in Canada. I’m excited because now all we have to do is get out of Hudson Bay then we're right to Paris, France!! And just like that it's spring and there's butterflies in the air and blue birds chirping., but you know during spring then comes summer and then comes kids in the river hopefully one of them doesn't take my canoe.After days and days of seeing the same things every day we get into Winnipeg and you know what comes after Winnipeg then will go along nelson river Hudson Bay. My canoe sees new trees like oak trees and maple trees all around.And like that again we're getting colder and we're seeing animals we have no name for so we obviously think we're in Hudson Bay cuz we never knew any of these in the river. So like that we're out into the ocean so now our next stop is Paris, France.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-20
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