Code 23RD0451
Dream I hope Toby, my canoe reaches the Labrador Sea. It will start in Fargo and hopefully make it to East Grand Forks and pass by a channel catfish. I wish that it will continue through East Grand Forks and go by a bald eagle trying to eat a muskrat that gets away just in time. I hope it will float by a birch tree with its branches hanging over the water and a sturgeon calmly swimming under it. I hope it will continue to sail along the river and reach the city of Warren in Marshall County, and the city of Hallock in Kittson County, where I would like for it to see a crow and then cross the border to Canada. I wish for it to go by a field of wheat with some scattered American elms surrounding it. I hope it makes it to Winnipeg, but gets stuck on the riverbank because of spring flooding and stays there until next spring when the water level rises and gets swept back into the river. I wish for it to continue through Lake Winnipeg and the Nelson River, and then through Hudson Bay. I would like it to go past a polar bear with a cub, a school of salmon, a raft of sea otters diving for clams, a group of walruses, and a narwhal. In the end, I hope it reaches the Labrador Sea by traveling through the Hudson Strait.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-16