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Dream My canoe's name is The Titanic 2.0. I have many hopes and dreams for this canoe. First, we will start off by launching them in the Red River in the Fargo- Moorhead area. At the start of the journey, I hope it sees absolutely huge oak trees as it moves through the very serene environment of all of the trees in the forest. I want it to run into a wheat field and see a farmer in a tractor and the farmer will wave to the Titanic 2.0. Then it will look up and see a hawk hovering over it. The hawk flies over it for a couple minutes and then leaves. As it will continue its journey I want it to see a sugar beet field as it goes down the river, it starts to slow down a bit and then gets caught on the river bank for three days. After the river pushes it off of the river bank, it flows into Polk County. There is a bald eagle that will spot it and will think it is a fish, the bald eagle will swoop down and grab it and take it to its nest. It realizes that it is not a fish and so it will take it back to the river . About 5 min later, about 10 miles from where the Titanic 2.0 left off, It will land in a random spot and then keep sailing slowly for 17 days, until it will reach Grand Forks. There, someone will notice it and pick it up and read the note on it. After that, I want them to post it on the website and put it back into the river. Then I want it to sail through a forest of birch trees alongside the river. I want it to go to Marshall County and see the town and people will see it. Then as it keeps sailing. A smallmouth bass will come up and bump the boat, and swim alongside it. After a while, the smallmouth bass will swim away and The Titanic 2.0 will keep on going. After the Titanic 2.0 is sailing through the muddy waters, it will see a white tailed deer walking and eating grass alongside the river. The deer will see the boat and stare at it until it is out of sight, then they will both just keep going their own ways. After the white tailed deer sighting, The Titanic 2.0 keeps going until a branch brushes it onto the side of the river, and there it gets stuck. It will be waiting there for two weeks until a bunny and the bunny’s family come out of their burrow by the river. The bunnies notice it and start to play with it. They will notice that it is stuck. They will not care and then keep playing with it. After about 20 minutes, the boat starts to come unstuck from the mud and slowly is released from the spot. It starts to float down the river again all muddy, and the bunnies will watch it sadly float away. I want my canoe to reach the border of Canada and the U.S.A. It will cross the border and a little later, end up in Emerson. It will see some kids playing on a playground. A couple days later, it will bump into a friendly walleye that swims along with the canoe for a couple of hours and then gets bored and goes back to whatever it was doing. After 3 fast, but at the same time slow, weeks pass by, I want my canoe to reach Winnipeg. There it will see everything that Winnipeg has to offer and just hang out there for a couple of days. There will be a wood carver who catches it and takes it into his shop. Then he will study it for a bit and toss it back into the river. The Titanic 2.0 will go a little longer until it reaches Lake Winnipeg where it will spend a couple of days just chilling in the lake and hanging around, until it decides to keep going. Then, it will see 2 elk just standing in a nearby forest and eating grass. The 2 elk will follow The Titanic 2.0 and as it gets closer to the river bank, the elk will pick it up with their horns and carry it for 5 days. Then ,they will drop the Titanic 2.0 in the Nelson River. After a couple of days on it , the Titanic 2.0 will find a crappie that will bump it upside down. It will sit there for weeks and weeks not knowing that it was really just flowing along the river. When the current tips it back up, it will realize that it is in the Hudson Bay. The Titanic 2.0 realizes that it is really tired. It will want to take a break, because of its long journey ,and 3 days later it does. It flows over to the side of the river bank. There it will stop for 2 years and just sleep and regain all of its energy. When the Titanic 2.0 gets back on route, it realizes that it is winter and Hudson Bay was almost fully frozen. it started to try to keep moving, it will get pretty far and then it will see this huge furry white thing, and as it gets closer to the side of the river, it will realize that it was a polar bear. The polar bear will start to chase it and when it will get a hold of it the polar bear tries to eat it. When it realizes it can’t, it will just grab it with its mouth and start to travel. It will move to another part of Hudson bay and then the polar bear will drop it there and leave it. The TItanic 2.0 will rest there knowing that there it will stop there for the rest of its life.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-20
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