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Dream I hope my canoe makes it to Lake Winnipeg or farther. My canoe was handmade by the River of Dreams presenters. From the help of the presenters, they made everything in this program amazing. The presenters had us learn all about the parts of the rivers. On the way, I hope my canoe will see all different types of species and maybe see some plants we don't see here in North Dakota. My canoe's journey may be all kinds of different feelings. It may be exciting, nerve-wracking, or maybe even lovely. Also, please put my canoe back in the water for its journey to continue on to Hudson Bay. If you find it in the winter, please keep the canoe until the water is not frozen anyomore.
Launched With Harwood 4th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-05-17


Photo - 23RD0373