Code 22RD1662
Dream Sunset’s Deam: Hi, my name is Sunset. I started off at the Clearwater River Dam. I am trying to make it to the Atlantic Ocean. Right now I am at the Red Lake River. Hey what is that? Ahhhh it’s moving! Oh, it's a deer. Oooooo, I am going faster! Look at me go! Oh, no I am stuck on a fallen log. After a week I finally got out. This trip is taking a long time. After a while my paint started to chip off. On the way I met a beaver whose name is Bob. Bob swam by me for about five minutes. Then he got tired and moved on. I saw a loon and some trees. I also saw a bear and an elk along with lots of fish and an otter. Oh, I am almost there! I think I am 2 years old. Wait a minute is that ……… Bob, where have you been?! I think I need to talk to Bob. Well maybe you will see me in the ocean. And if you see me on my journey remember to put me back in the water.
Launched With Clearbrook-Gonvick 4th Grade (2023)
Last seen on 2023-07-14
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