Code 22RD1267
Dream My canoe should end up in Canada. I will put it in the Pelican River in Minnesota. From there, it will float through river ways to the Red River and it will get to Fargo, ND. My canoe might even get picked up by a bird! Maybe a bald eagle. My canoe might get dropped into a different river and meet a beaver. It might end up in a beaver's den until the beaver dam floods and the canoe gets free. A fox might carry my canoe through snow and drop it in the forest during the winter. Rains and flood will bring it back to the river once again. If YOU found my canoe, please put it back in a river. My canoe is going to make it to the ocean one day. Thanks!
Launched With Detroit Lakes 5th Grade (2022)
Last seen on 2022-05-26