Code 22RD1103
Dream My canoe's name is Moose 420. When I release it from fargo north dakota, after a bit it will get to moorhead. Eventually the canoe will get out of clay county and into Norman county. After that it will see a man by a birch tree, then it will go to grand forks and will see corn. a while after that it will see a moose with a robin on its back. after a while it will see a woodpecker while entering kittson county. After that it will see a pine tree going into canada. After that my canoe will see a beaver building a dam. and my canoe will see a forest with a black bear roaming around in it. on the ride my canoe will see a walleye jumping up from the river, then a sucker. My canoe will also see Nelson river. After the Nelson river, it will see a bass. After a long boring time it will see a walrus while entering hudson bay where someone will hopefully pick up my canoe.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2022)
Last seen on 2022-10-04
Sightings 5