Code 22RD0852
Dream My canoe will make it all the way to canada. I hope it sees cool animals and meets cool things. Along the way, my canoe’s journey will be amazing. I hope my canoe will make it to Winnipeg. I want this amazing canoe to see cool and interesting things like big bucks to eat and hunt and some beavers and more. I want to see some interesting and cool buildings. I kind of also want a bit of a challenge like a beaver dam or something. I’m going to make my canoe a unique one, out of the ordinary. The canoe’s name is going to be “bikini bottom.” The name will be on the top corner. It’s also going to have a unique design on one side my classic secret design.
Launched With Mapleton 5th Grade (2022)
Last seen on 2023-05-06
Sightings 1


Photo - 22RD0852