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Dream On a hot summer day when it was almost starting to rain, Baba thought and said to himself, “The Tongue River would be a great place to launch my canoe, Booey.” He picked up Booey and launched him into the Tongue River. He thought to himself all the towns he would go through like Akra. He saw big cattails out of the corner of his eyes. He saw a Red Fox digging a hole in an aspen tree. WHAM! a giant bass came out and tried to get him. Then the bass got distracted by a bigger fish and the bass swam away. Booey saw the town of cavalier. He saw boxelder trees, and he saw something moving in the trees. It was a little boy walking around throwing rocks at trees. Booey hoped the boy would not see him. luckley the boy didn’t see him at all. Then Booey saw the town of Bathgate and he wondered how long this town was. Then he went to sleep.Then when he woke up he was in the town of Pembina. he saw a Bald Eagle zooming at 17 miles per hour Booey was terrified. It was just trying to grab a nice big bullhead for lunch. As the Eagle zoomed away Booey saw a Cottonwood tree. Then he saw the Red River and he went past the Canadian border, Canadian Geese went over his head, and he saw a lot of Catfish. He saw the town of Emerson. He saw Iron wood trees and aspen trees as he went through the town of Winnipeg. SIZZLE! lightning struck, and he smelt something burning. He looked around and saw the Ironwood and Aspen trees burning. When he was in Winnipeg, the river water became rough and bobbed him up and down. The currents started to slow down, and he saw lake winnipeg and catfish. He got turned upside down and saw Algae and Walleyes. Then he came up and saw moss on the trees. As he swam through the lake he saw the Nelson River and an Eastern Screech Owl in its tree. As he went north, he saw a Western Chorus Frog swimming through the water. He also saw Purple Loosestrife and Chokecherry Vines as he came through the end of the Nelson River. He suddenly thought the freshwater tasted weird, but when he saw the Polar Bears, Black Bear, and Cherry Blossoms, he knew that it was not freshwater it was saltwater. He knew he had reached Hudson’s Bay, which meant he achieved his goal!
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2022)
Last seen on 2023-08-02
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