Code 21RD0700
Dream I hope my canoe will be in some trouble on its journey. I hope it will see a female mouse and its babies and someone finds it and cares for it. I hope they put it back in the water. I hope it goes through some waterfalls and sees beautiful trees of many colors. I hope it will have a wonderful journey and find some other canoes to travel with so it would not be so lonely. I hope Paddle to the Sea will be treated kindly. I hope it has a safe journey and I hope it's loved by a little kid. I hope as the weather changes, my Paddle to the Sea, my love, my creation, my canoe, my Paddle to the Sea, go paddle go, go to the sea. See animals.
Launched With Detroit Lakes Roosevelt 5th Graders (2021)
Last seen on 2021-07-14
Sightings 2


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