Code 21RD0367
Dream I hope my canoe will make it to the Hudson Bay and it will have a scary but exciting and difficult journey. I also want it to go farther and see tall glaciers. I hope it will see many different animals such as deer, beavers, otters, and if it gets farther up to the "ice age" it will see seals and polar bears. I hope if people find it they WILL put it back in the water so it can see beautiful siths in big cities. I want it to see many boats and things that most people don't and other natural things that are interesting and unique. I want animals to look at it and see things they don't see on a normal basis. I want it to make it to the ocean and look underneath the water and see cool animals like dolphins, whales, sharks, and some things not even humans have seen. I want it to make it across the world which is highly unlikely but kids can dream right? If it does make it across the world by boat or something, I want it to see many different countries and cultures, but most of all I want people to see and decide to help a child fulfill their dream.
Launched With Kittson County Central 5th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-02-12
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