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Dream My canoe is named the Mode Boat, its goal is to conquer all of the red river, up to Hudson Bay. The Mode Boat will start in Fargo, North Dakota. It will begin its story on the river. I watch it sail away, still seeing the glory of the boats shining cannons. The Mode Boat flows up the Red river, meeting many new friends, such as a snapping turtle named Gerold. The Mode Boat is gliding gloriously along the banks of Cass and Clay county. One dark and gloomy night, the Mode Boat saw a pack of wolves, moving in the shadows. They were approaching a bear's den, when suddenly came a flash of light, and a sound mirroring thunder, from across the river.A group of men had shot a wolf. Any fish such as Cod, Northern Pike, and Catfish dived straight down, into the murky depths of the water. The men wandered across the stone bridge, and said “fresh wolf meat, this will fetch a fair price.” The Mode boat swam in the depths of the Red, feeling sorry for the poor wolf.He started feeling a sudden hatred for mankind. The Mode boat sailed solemnly down the river while passing rows of soybean, and forests of great oaks. When the Mode Boat passed through grand forks, he saw the hunters, and they were approaching him. He sailed as fast as he could, he zigged and he zagged, but they got him. They held him in their hand, and he was so scared. He pushed a splinter into the skin of the leader of the hunters, her name was Doras, and she screamed as loud as a goat. Doris threw the Mode Boat into the red river.He sailed as fast as he could to the Canadian border. Where he was greeted by a moose, who offered to carry him to Winnipeg. The Mode Boat responded,” by saying “Yes please” The moose’s name who's name,Albert, said “ of course!” Albert galloped with glory and pride, and when he arrived in Winnipeg. Albert carried the Mode Boat back to the river, where he put him in it, and he glided peacefully to Hudson Bay, with doves soaring around them. They passed through many different rivers, and places, where he lived peacefully. He was eventually pecked by a woodpecker, and he sank to the bottom of hudson Bay and was eaten by a walrus. That is my canoe's dream.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-06-28
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