Code 21RD0293
Dream My canoe's name is the viking named after my favorite football team. I have high hopes for viking. I hope that he makes it to Winnipeg right where the Hudson bay starts. His journey will start in the Red River and it will go through Cass and Clay county. Right where viking start he will see his first animal he will encounter one of the coles fish in the Red River he will see the Goldeneye fish. He will get to grand forks and also Witicha falls and also Winnipeg. The first type of crop that Viking sees is a field of wheat. Further in on Vikings journey he then sees a wolf and the wolf was hunting and the suddenly grabbed Viking and put him on the cold dirt to examine the shaped piece of wood and then he saw that it was not a fish so then he put viking back into the water and he was back on his journey to Hudson bay. Further downstream a storm comes and rocks Viking back and forth and then he gets stuck on a Red oak. And while he was there for a couple days a robin picks him up off of the tree branch hanging over the water and tries to pick him up but then accidentally drops him back in the water. And right when he was about to enter hudson bay he hears a woodpecker and he pokes a whole into the canoe and then the canoe drowns but then a walleye picks him up and brings him into hudson bay for his dream to come true and for the last thing that my canoe will see is a catfish.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-10-22
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