Code 21RD0292
Dream My canoe’s name is Ditto Fishy, it begins its journey downstream starting at North Dakota. It goes to Polk and sees some beautiful fish. On its way to Grand forks it sees robins and crows flying over the river and Ditto Fishy. Then Ditto Fishy sees some foxes lying down near the edge of the Red River sleeping. Ditto Fishy is then stopped by a dam made of some oak and birch branches with beavers in it. Instead of the beavers freeing it, they took a piece of it off of it. It took a little longer to get to Pembia because part of the bottom was eaten by a few beavers. Then it sees a crocodile and gets eaten. It sees some fish like sturgeon, pike, and some catfish. 10 days later it gets pooped out on the river and continues its journey to pembia. It crosses a beat crop, but then it sees a waterfall and falls off and then is turned over and washed up on land. 21 Days later a huge wave comes and puts it back in the water. It continues its journey for 79 days. The Ditto Fishy is getting very close to Pembina as it just crosses over Marshall. After 111 days of traveling, it finally reaches Pembia and a boy picks it up and jumps with happiness.
Launched With Oak Grove 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-06-01
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Photo - 21RD0292