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Dream My canoe’s name is the U.S.S Splat. The design is somewhat random, there is a different design on each side. I let the boat into the water so it can begin its journey from the Maple River to the Sheyenne River, to Lake Winnipeg, to the Nelson River, and finally to the Hudson Bay. “Bye little boat! Drive safe! And don’t talk to strangers!” I yell to Splat as it makes it way down Pierce Parks. Splat makes it through the Maple River, seeing some fish, and deer along the way. It bobbed around for a bit, just sort of cursing around in the water. It bumped into the sides of the river and got a bit off course, nothing too much happening in the Maple River. But it did see beautiful trees and some fish did come up to investigate but swam away soon after. After some time, it got to the Sheyenne River. Seeing a family of deer along the river. Splat was taking a small detour through Kathryn and said family of deer jumped over the river, knocking Splat off course a bit. It also came across a few people, who picked it up, looked at it, put in its location then set it back in the water to continue its jurney. After a few months, it got to Hudson Bay, it was found by many people, and saw many things and animals. Each person put where they found it. It wasn’t very exciting adventure as Splat’s creator had wanted, but it did make it farther then she had expected. And that is all that matters to the creator, every time she checked where it was, she was happy to see it made it farther then she had expected it to go.
Launched With Enderlin 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-03
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