Code 21RD0267
Dream One day I made a cool boat for a school project THIS is where it all started. So, I was at school, and we did this thing called the river of dreams and you make a boat, and this what the boat will do and see. The boats first day he sees a rabbit trying to hop across the river, so he just passes by and says hello. Next, he makes it to the Sheyenne River and watches and a tree falls into the lake, so some nice man helps him out of the conundrum. He passes the northern Red River without anything special. So now he is in lake Winnipeg and sees fishes swimming. He sees some one on a boat and they help him get across. He is in the nelson river and can barely see a wolf munching on some deer and then moves on. He gets to Hudson Bay and then peacefully drifts to sea.
Launched With Enderlin 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-03
Sightings 1


Photo - 21RD0267