Code 21RD0137
Dream Today i am writing about where i want my canoe to go! I want my canoe to go from the clearwaters down the river its gunna see a lot of nature and maybe see some deer maybe even a bear scary hopefully he dose not get eaten! He will then soon get to the red lake river but is sad when it gets far from home but happy when he sees a deer because he thinks of me and wonders what i do when i wait for him to come home. He is always wondering what he will see next when he goes to the Red river and he gets really scared when he sees a bear he does Not like bears they scare him but he loves the woods just like i do! He is very scared to go down the lake winnipeg because he does not know what could be in the water and is scared of drownding! He is just now going trough the Nelson. He likes it so far and is happy he is really happy! He is exited for the Hudson bay he thinks he will see lots of fish and deer in the woods and is wondering why he is so happy? He is now in the ocean yay we both are so proud of how happy he was going down all the rivers and seing different lakes he is just the most happiest boy on earth!! His name is Suger.
Launched With RLCC 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-04-28


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