Code 21RD0135
Dream My paddle will go all the way to the ocean. Starting at the clearwater river. IT will then go to the red lake river,red river,lake winnipeg,nelson river,hudson bay and then finally to the ocean.On the way it will see moose who knock it over swimming and deer scared of the new smell.Paddle will see bears who are fascinated by this new thing and geese who might think it is a strange looking fish. Paddle may even see new species we have never heard of . He will have a great adventure seeing all these new animals.Paddle will feel exited yet scared and anxious . Paddle will be exited because all these new things are thrilling. Paddle will be scared and anxious though because these are still new things and even though new things can be exiting they can also be scary. Over all though paddle will have a great time.
Launched With RLCC 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-04-28