Code 21RD0134
Dream My dream for my paddle is that it will make it to Canada. It will make it to Canada by going through the red lake River , The Red River , and then hopefully lake Winnipeg. My paddle will be nervous before they go in the clear water river. Once my paddle gets in it will feel relieved and excited. If my paddle is strong enough and can make it long enough to get to lake winnipeg hopefully it could keep going. If it keeps going it goes through Nelson river then Hudson bay and to the ocean. It will see lots of deer fish and hopefully walruses and seals. My paddle will feel excited when it gets close to animals. My paddle will make it far. It will be a good time. Thank you for reading about my paddle. Bye.
Launched With RLCC 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-04-28


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