Code 20RD1514
Dream My creator decorated me one day and dumped me into the Maple River. As I flowed toward the ocean I saw owls, deers, bears, and more animals on the way! I went from the Maple River to the Red River to the Cheyenne River to Lake Winnipeg to the Nelson River to the Hudson Bay all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, as I entered the Cheyenne River a family of four saw me and picked me up they saw me and posited me on the website then set me free. One particular day I got caught in a net that a fisherman had hooked. As he reeled in he saw me stuck in the net and sent me free. Once I got in the Hudson Bay I got caught in ridged cold ice that stopped me from getting anywhere! Winter passed and the ice finally melted and I started to drift away, my paint had chipped away and I was getting older by the day. That next day a seagull picked me up and brought me to land. It tried to eat me but after minutes of trying to eat me it figured I was not fish and left me be. The tide went up that night and I started to float away. I made it to the opening of the Hudson Bay that led into the Atlantic Ocean. Before I could get to the Atlantic Ocean I got tossed by the waves and found myself on land. Two months passed and I was still stuck on land; I became a home for a colony of ants that had built sand on top of me. Winter started again and the tide had come up a foot more. When the ice started to melt I got stuck on the top of an ice chunk. It melted and I started to drift away into the Atlantic. I will continue to drift away further and further everyday.
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


Photo - 20RD1514