Code 20RD1512
Dream Hi im hunter. My class is getting ready to send their boats down the mapple river and eventually colluding with the shian river While the bout is going on the shian river. He sees kids riding bikes on the side wock. He continued his journey down the river and saw birds in the water fishes jumping out of the water. Hours later he collided with the red river. Continuing up the red river he saw people fishing and swinging in the water. On the ride he was taking many turners in the water. He was hedging up the river for hours and hours. After hours of taking a ride down the river he was passing Belmont Park. He saw kids playing all around the park and some riding conuse in the water. Time went by very quickly and he went on to continue the journey. Racing more turners left and right he ended up in grand forks. Going into grand forks he sees tons of cars around the area, people yelling , cars honking. Going though grand forks he passes by Lincoln golf course. Continuing though Grand forks he is seeing construction builders working on a hotell. Now getting out of the grand forks heading up the river he enters Oslo which passes by quickly. A day later he makes it to pembina. As he is going under a bridge he sees touns of graffiti writings. Not long after that he hits the cnatean border and gets stuck some people noises the bout in the water and get it tha look at the bout and see a number and call that number on the bout and return the bout to the person that they called.
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


Photo - 20RD1512