Code 20RD1510
Dream My journey will start at the Maple River. I will flow down the river startling many geese with my obnoxious colors that humans put on me. I won’t be able to make any friends with this paint job. I hope it will wash off before I get to the Red River. All the fish are trying to get me because I shine brightly. The next town I'll see is Grand Forks. I hope someone sees me and picks me up. I’m so bright that someone should see me. I toss and turn all through the current of the Red River. Lots of people see me but no one picks me up while I’m passing through. I go past lots of little towns and lots of farms. On those farms I see lots of different cows. And other farm animals. But they just let me keep on keeping on. I’m getting very close to the U.S border. Don't worry, I don’t need a passport. When I get to Lake Winnipeg. This is where my journey comes to the most exciting part. I have finally reached Lake Winnipeg. By this time it was summer and it was a sunny day and a lot of people were on the water. They spotted me and picked me up. They took me to land and read the letter. There were two freckled faced people and the other two were sunburnt. I felt bad for them but then again I could not get sun burnt myself. They took a picture and posted it online. They then placed me back in the lake. I’m so glad that my makers are able to see how far I am able to sail. Now onto the next town or city. Here I come big wide world. I’m ready to meet you, I hope you're ready for me.
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


Photo - 20RD1510