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Dream We are going to launch a mini canoe at Maple river that flows south along into the Sheyenne.That will lead to the Sheyanne river up in the Red river that flows north. The Red river will stop at lake Winnipeg but the little canoe will go through Nelson river then go to Hudson bay to the Atlantic ocean. What will my little canoe see on his journey? My little canoe will probably see fish in the river. The little canoe will be faded and also see new species along the way. My little canoe will see animals like bugs, monkeys on the land but in the Atlantic ocean it will see beautiful sea creatures and hopefully a killer whale or dolphins which will be cool but I hope a fish attacks my canoe.Or it will flow down another river to meet the sea because i’m paddle to the sea to meet new animals and to seek land to have people no who my little canoe that went down the sea is in the Atlantic ocean by the rivers, lakes, and the ocean to have the current take my little canoe down the sea to meet new sea creatures to make new friends to hangout along the way to have other canoes to hang out with to play along the way to get to play like to have a race to the sea.I wonder what will my little canoe will look like when my canoe is found? what will it look like will it look new or not or will it look like a wreck from the sea in which there will be no colors at all or it will be faded by the sun but dirty on the back side but the big question is what will the canoe look like that is what I really want to know about?So I hope my canoe isn’t lost forever because I want to see what it will look like.So fishes don’t eat my canoe expressly the sharks or whales eating my canoe.It will end up probably stuck somewhere in the mud in a ditch on another side of rivers or lakes
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


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