Code 20RD1493
Dream I want my canoe to go even further than the Hudson River. I hope my canoe makes it to a different country. My canoe is going to be some kind of animal. It is either going to be a wolf, dog, fox, loon, or beaver. I hope it will see a wolf, dog, fox, loon, and beaver. It will be eye-popping because it will hopefully look like an animal in the water, and someone will pick it up. The journey will be hard. It will face many challenges like animals, forest fires, winters and stuff in the way. I want to name my canoe Ruby if it is a dog, wolf, or fox, and Edward if it is a beaver or loon. First, it will go through the Maple River. It will toss and turn. Someone will find it and put it back in the water. I hope it will make animal friends along the way. When it gets to the Hudson River, I would like it to see some more bigger animals. I hope it goes to the ocean, and a fisherman from England will find it. Then it will keep going until it goes across the ocean, and then go through a different river until it gets back to where we are. Then I can put it back into the water and it can continue his journey.
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


Photo - 20RD1493