Code 20RD1487
Dream My canoe will make it all the way to Hudson Bay. I hope it sees geese and meets salmon. Along the way, my canoe’s journey will be crazy. It's going to meet moose and other canoes. We are letting them free on the Mapleton River. It’s going to get to hudson bay and then it will go to the ocean. It’s a long crazy road to get there from the Mapleton River to the Red River to Hudson Bay. My canoe might even get stuck on a rock and be trapped for a month, or it could get sucked in by a big fish and wait for a year before it comes out, or it could get stuck on land and a strange person could come and pick it up and throw it back into the river. I hope it makes it to the middle of the ocean.
Launched With Mapleton 5th and 6th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-11


Photo - 20RD1487