Code 20RD1338
Dream My canoe is starting in Grand Forks ND. It will be released in the Red River. While it is traveling the Red River it will get caught into a beavers den! It will then sit there over winter and hang out with the beavers. The Wild Flamingo will get unthawed and be released to go back on its journey. After it travels past the red river it will go to Hudson Bay! While it is traveling Hudson bay it will be picked up by an Eagle and be dropped off on land! It will sit on land for 6 months until…… A hiker finds it and throws it back. Once it makes it to the Atlantic Ocean it will be bitten by a shark but it will keep on going with only one side of the canoe!
Launched With Kelly Elementary (Grand Forks) 5th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-10