Code 20RD1319
Dream My canoe's name will be “Gulo Gulo” which is the scientific name for wolverine. It will start in the Red River in Grand Forks, ND and it will make it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. I hope it sees things like ships,sharks,turtles, and divers. Things I do not want it to see are beavers,forest fires, and kids that see it and keep it as a toy. I hope it will not be a rough trip. I hope someone will see the canoe and take it home for any possible fix-ups before the ice freezes the lake. The person that picked him up will release him back into the water after the ice melts and hopefully makes it to the Atlantic Ocean and sees different countries.
Launched With Kelly Elementary (Grand Forks) 5th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-10