Code 20RD1298
Dream My Dream For My Canoe Is For It To Go To The Place Where I Was Born, It's Pretty Weird There, Some City In Nepal, I Hope It Sees A Snake Maybe Even A Skeleton, Like Undertale! It Might See Some Safari Animals Eating Grass And Each Other? I Also Want It To See The Vast Jungle, Maybe A Monkey Breaking Open, Whatever It Eats. Also Want It To Make It To Japan, Love The Stuff There Might See Some Anime Because They Play Those I Don't Know Someone May Keep It. Its Probably Not Gonna Care About Leaving It Has Its Own Life Now, Pretty Cool, I Want It To End Up On Land At The End, Maybe Eve Where I Live, After Exploring The World, I Kinda Want It To Be A Legend Like The Boat That Found The 8th Sea Or Something Like That. Well, It Might Go Farther Than I'll Ever Know, Anyways On North America, I Kinda Want It To Go To The Other Side Of The World And Some Celebrity Might Pick It Up, That Would Be Pretty Cool.I hope my canoe makes it to Canada.
Launched With Kelly Elementary (Grand Forks) 5th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-05-10