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Dream I dream that my canoe will make it all the way to the Hudson bay. Along the way, I hope its journey is full of peaceful sunny days floating down the river. I want my canoe to see the contrast between the farm fields of Minnesota and North Dakota and the boreal forest and tundra of northern Manitoba. Along the way, I hope my canoe sees many different types of plants and animals such as deer, rabbits, moose and maybe even beluga whales! Most of all, I hope that my canoe is discovered my many people along its journey to the north. When it is found, I want it to inspire people to learn more about the Red River and the natural world around us. *Canoe launched on the Red Lake River in Fisher, MN
Launched With UND Education Program - TEAM (2020)
Last seen on 2021-08-10
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Photo - 20RD0963