Code 20RD0787
Dream My dream for my Canoe is for it is to start in Pelican river and see frogs, seaweed, and see beautiful sunsets and sunrises. To see beautiful clouds and it might get stuck in debris and a hiker will find it and will release it into the river. I would like if anyone finds it to write the river they found it in on one of the clouds. I would like everyone to write something super small about the sun, something that makes them joyfull like sun, clouds, music, and pets maybe. My dream is for my canoe to see things unexplainable like aliens or unicorns. Aliens please tell me if you have seen my boat. I wish upon a fish that it finds flowers of every color, other Canoes, and fireworks on the fourth of July, And that it loves the rivers as much as me. Canoes are wonderful I think right as I speak it might be on Jupiter or Mars or even farther. I have a dream for mine canoe and everyone else's for everyone's dream to come true for their canoes. It might end up back in Pelican, or it might end up in Red lake, Or the Mississippi. I don’t know where it will end up but I remember on the way to my grandparents house I sang it as loud as I could. Did anyone else do this? Ok anyways this is my dream hope you find my boat.
Launched With Detroit Lakes Roosevelt 5th Grade (2021)
Last seen on 2021-06-25
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Photo - 20RD0787