Code 20RD0598
Dream My boat's name is Rose Bud. I hope she makes lots of new friends along the way. I hope all her friends are kind, both human, and animal. I hope she sees things I’ve yet to see. I hope she makes it to the sea. She should get to meet fish, moose, deer, bears, birds, and wolves. If someone picks her up, I hope they see that it is important to someone and will show they found her online, then put her back in the water so she can continue her journey to the sea. If she is found in the sea, her journey complete, please notify the internet website, and then you may keep her to bring joy, imagination, and happiness to your home and family. Please continue Rose Buds trip to the sea!
Launched With Grand Forks Kelly Elementary
Last seen on 2020-07-01


Photo - 20RD0598