Code 20RD0596
Dream My Little canoe plunked into the Red River and sailed on it’s journey to Hudson Bay.When the canoe was going north It found itself in the Winnipeg River.When it got stuck under a rock and stayed in that same spot for 5 months. But then a kind hearted person was digging looking for crayfish. He saw the canoe.He read on the canoe it said my dream is to go to Hudson Bay. So since he was at lake winnipeg the kind hearted person took the canoe and put him in his boat. When the man and the canoe reached Hudson Bay He let the little canoe go and explore where he’d always wanted to go. He dropped him in the bay and waved goodbye. The little canoe saw walruses and colered birds!!!This is my dream for my canoe.
Launched With Grand Forks Kelly Elementary
Last seen on 2020-07-01


Photo - 20RD0596