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Dream My canoe, SKI-U-MAH, was set sail in Sept., 2020, a few months later than anticipated due to COVID-19. (Its the color red because we all know......red goes faster!) It has big dreams of sailing to the ocean among the Vikings Ships (SKOL!). But in order to get to the ocean, we must first “Row the Boat”, PJ Fleck – style. I’m not too worried about my canoe going through Red Lake Falls - a lot of Gopher fans live there. However, there are a lot of Eagles flying around. Hopefully they will think SKI-U-MAH isn’t that tasty. Those trusty Eagles will pick up my canoe, and set it asail once again. However, once it gets closer to Crookston, there are a lot of Pirates over there. Hopefully they will see that my canoe is a wonderful treasure, but not one they are interested in robbing. Once my canoe gets to Grand Forks……it’ll need lots of prayers. SKI-U-MAH will have to fight off all those U.N.D. fans. He will survive – all GOPHER FANS SURVIVE U.N.D. COUNTRY - and he will float onwards to our neighbors to the north, Canada, eh. We love you Canada! Go Blue Bombers! He will more than likely get trapped in the frozen lake, and a very nice French Canadian will fish him out, using the trusty ol’ green hornet, eh. Finally, he will make it to the ocean, to fulfill his dream of sailing with the Vikings!
Launched With St. Bernard's TRF 3rd Grade (2020)
Last seen on 2020-09-23


Photo - 20RD0590