Code 20RD0195
Dream My name is Lulu the canoe, I’m traveling to the Atlantic Ocean. I will get released on the Red River in Cavalier ND. Then I’ll get to Emerson MB. Then to the Atlantic Ocean. On my journey I saw a lot of things. I saw a stray cat, it followed me a while then wandered off. Also some fish like, Walleye, Minnows, and Northern Pike. Oh and some Mud puppies, river otters, foxes, and a mink or two. There were some Loons in the Hudson Bay. I almost ran into a Yacht. They had the music cranked! There was a delicious smell of guacamole. It smelled yummy. In the Red River there were a few snapping turtles. I also saw some Leopard Frogs and American Toads. I got released with all of my friends, but some got side tracked. Some of my friends got to go to the river bank, also some of them went down a different stream. Only me and Woody are left. After a while we heard music. It sounded great. Also it looks like land ahead. “We have been on the water for about 5 months,” said Woody. “I can't wait to stop floating!” I said. “ I can't wait to get out of the water!” said Woody. “ But they will put us back in the water,” says Woody. Oh yeah, our bottoms say,” Please put me back in the water!” We have been on the water for about 2 minutes. Now we see someone! NO! They are putting us back in the water! Now we are going South. A few hours later… The water is nice and warm. Also Woody left to get the coronavirus. I’m going to South America. OMG Dolphins! They are my favorite animal.They are so cute. Land Ho! Hehehe. I hope it’s South America. It is really hot out! My markering is probably washed off. I loved the Tractor on my side.I loved all my colors. Good bye!
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2020)
Last seen on 2020-07-12
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Photo - 20RD0195