Code 20RD0151
Dream I Dream that my journey to the sea will take no longer than 5 years. I dream of viewing the stars every night. I linger for their twinkling guidance as I journey to the sea. I can hear them calling out telling me to turn up ahead. Be careful you will hit the rocks up ahead. I see them guiding me away from the fish and wildlife that I am going to see along my long journey to the sea. The stars are my protectors. They are my teachers guiding me to be strong. Every night they tell me, don't give up, keep moving forward, don't look back. As I push through the fear of the darkness, the unknown life I have ahead of me. Some months will be hard as winters long season takes ahold. Pushing me into a darkness. I hope to find a few good friends besides the stars along the way. You see we all need someone to reach out. To give us that extra push to in order to becoming our truest selves. The stars tell me to go, build yourself up everyday. I believe stars. They have been around longer than anyone. I linger for their guidance. I dream of talkjng to the stars. About how I wish it was easier to make it to the sea. That their would be fewer waves blocking the path and setting us back from reaching the final destination.I linger for confidence, and patience and friendship that only the adventure of going to sea can bring. I dream that this journey to the sea, will bring me closer to the life that I was meant to live. The joys that only spring and summer can promise to give. I Dream of the sea.
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Last seen on 2020-07-01


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