Code 20RD0017
Dream I hope my canoe makes it all the way to the Hudson Bay. It will see many other canoes and many new people. Along the way, my canoe’s journey will be exciting because it will meet many animals like deer, fish and beavers. My canoe will go farther than any other canoe. It will hopefully have a smooth ride and not end up stuck in a tree or seaweed along the way. It will end up in the Atlantic Ocean but, it won’t get eaten by a shark or any other sea creature. In the winter, I hope it just goes under the ice safely and when the ice melts to come out of the ice carefully without getting broken in half or any other damage. Hopefully someone will find my canoe and share that they found it on the website. Once they do that they will put it back in the water and let it go on its journey.
Launched With Finley-Sharon 5th Grade (2020 & 2021)
Last seen on 2021-07-15
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