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Dream A Dream for my Canoe My canoe will make it to Oslo. I hope it sees wildlife and meets another canoe. Along the way, my canoes journey will be amazing. I will launch my canoe in Crookston Minnesota at the Red Lake River in Central park. First my canoe will go to Crookston, Fisher, and Grand Forks. Then it will go upward on Red River to Oslo that’s where my story ends. There once was a girl who helped her father craft a small canoe.Later that day the girl painted the canoe it was beautiful. “What shall you name it?”said the father. “I shall name him Beaver.” The father carved a not on the bottom of the canoe “please put me back in the water.” “Now it’s time to let him free.” “Okay papa.”said the girl.”Goodbye.the canoe was thrown into the Red Lake River. Soon after all the windes it met it first waterfall.There he fell down down down the waterfall. He went face first into the rushing water… and then pop he came back and started on his way again. Later at night there was something glowing in the distance. Then Beaver was picked out of the water it was a man. He read the bottom then he wrote Grand Forks on it.Then he threw him back in the water.The next day, a child picked Beaver out of the water. “Papa are we almost to Oslo?” Yes were in Oslo”. The last he heard of her was “bye bye”.Then he was thrown back in the water.Then he heard “papa! PAPA!Beaver! BEAVER!”We threw Beaver in two years ago.He’s not here.”Yes he is!said the girl.Oh i see him.said the father.Can we take him back? asked the girl.No we can’t, we have to let him go.said the father.Okay” said the girl “goodbye.
Launched With Crookston 4th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-26
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