Code 19RD0685
Dream I hope that my canoe makes it to the Hudson Bay. I also hope that a fish, bird, or animal like a duck or a squirrel. I think that my canoe will see fish, birds, skunks, deer, frogs, insects, whales, mice, ducks, and beavers. I also think that my canoe will meet lots of places like the Mississippi River. I hope that my canoe won’t get stuck or break right away. I hope that if you find it you enjoy the color and put my canoe back. My canoe should have lots of fun traveling all over the world. I hope that a duck or bird or insect lands in the little space and that they would get a little ride for quite a while. I also hope that people would enjoy getting to see my canoe and the colors that I put on there. I also hope that anyone that finds my canoe would put it back into the water so it can make it to the ocean.
Launched With RLCC 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-10


Photo - 19RD0685